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lirik lagu feeling left out – drop the knife


i took the world around me and reflected on my life
spent a minute thinking hard i knew i’d do what’s right
so if i asked you to sacrifice
to make a change and drop the knife
could you bring yourself to pay the price
to change your ways to save a life

and the life you save, just might belong to you
so the only question now is “whatcha gonna do”
cause if you’re not convinced, then you’ll be coerced
cholesterol will kill you if we don’t get to your first

time to make decisions, change our selfish ways
time to make a difference no more dying for our tastes

i never questioned what they told me
i never thought about their lies
until i finally saw the reason
and then i couldn’t close my eyes
it seems that given all the choices
of choosing living over dying
no child would ever need to stop and think
about giving up instead of trying