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lirik lagu fear, and loathing in las vegas – karma


there is a factor to each result
that does not change now and then
good good good actions for good results and vice versa
you won’t gain any results by not doing anything and spending time lazily
we know our actions will pay off

ah depending on how you move
[depending on how you proceed]
[both good and bad things happen]
both good and bad things could happen at any time

think about how you will proceed
what goes around comes around around
there’s a reason to results reason to results
it is all on you
before it is too late
no matter the results, we have to take them in
even though it may be a result you don’t want to admit

if this isn’t the result you want
then the way you proceeded is wrong

so we should think first
and get it on
wanna get things wanna get things going the just way you want
start moving as you put in your best

let’s get moving let’s get moving forward as you put in your best

no matter how the results turn out
the result may be good or bad, that is life
it’s what you brought

regrets that we all face at some point
there are things we can’t take back take back
results you end up just looking down
is this what you want? yeah

oh what gives you the real joy is the spark from your move
that’s why you can feel (the) experience
the joy and regret can be felt only if [you have tried what you]
felt will lead you to be bigger

the joy and regret can be felt if you put in your thought
what you felt will lead you to the right way