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lirik lagu farinas – turbulence



been talking sh~t since a kid nothing new here
few loose screws in the head got a new gear
who here new to the flex we been juiced up
who want what with whoever need they crew touched
i don’t good much, but the crew does, but more fire in my booth than what the group puff

[young chris]
ahh bad boy i did it big before i knew puff
we drunk it straight way before you had your two cups
pour that coupe up, roofless, new guts
no question we stepping lace your boots up
finna knock your ace off, i’m chuckin the deuce up
fade shots for the klu klux, y’all loosen that noose up
i don’t give two f~cks leave em open like loose sl~ts
high as zeus nuts off the new plug
been having illmatic in the boom tucked
real b~st~rds y’all acting like brad pitt
been having this swag before i had sh~t
since a youngin’ i can always make em back flip

[young chris]
position in the kitchen i can make it do magic
let one b~tch wrap and the other one do the traffic
ball on you b~st~rds like a magic or a maverick
the prodigy of the city mobb deep causing havoc
i’m a prop boy
since wayne was a hot boy
young c was a rock boy
see my brother selling nose candy since a snot boy

these b~tches is not coy
acting like they tryna get popped
know they got toys listen up

[young chris]
pull them switches out who ever switching up we hit em up
big rounds to lift em up, man down he stiffen up
so stick em up, they tryna tell me this is what
i give her lunch, she sipped me like a sippy cup

[young chris]
cmon n~~~~ we on, we pouring on anybody
who tryna celebrate the body over deleon

and the pom poms in the stands steady cheering on for the song song make em dance like your diddy kong


(hahahahahaha, yessir)

(now how long is the record?)