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lirik lagu false intentions – sticks and stones (prod. aletheobeats)


{verse 1}
sticks and stones may break my bones but b-tches never hurt me aye
tryna’ find a love but all that sh-t gon’ be worthless aye
said you wasn’t f-cking b-tch i caught you red handed aye
i’m gone find your friends see how they like this d-ck aye
walk in the sh-t stand up and sit down
next time i pull up i pull up with clout
b-tches are trippin’ when they see that rack
throw that sh-t at them it is the crack
never f-cking with me i call you my enemy
imma shot at it like crakchead whit hennessy
still under radar like j-panese submarine
f-ck when i blow up b-tch it’s gonna be like constantine
be flying high or start swimming under
pretty much you make it or another f-cker steals your thunder
always on a grind just to put another song out
when my next sh-t drop the game gone pretty much over
what the f-ck you doing aye
contest me you foolin aye
have a suck she droolin aye
look at me you callin aye

walk in this b-tch you know she want me aye
she gone to mine i’m gonna throat f-ck her aye
don’t be getting cut cause i can pull your b-tch aye
don’t be getting sad she just wanted new meat aye