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lirik lagu fahmy, the mc,akmal hussein – slow down


i’ve been feeling so down,no
thinking bout the old times,no
maybe we should slow down,no
wondering who u found no
its a quarter p-ss 3
all alone 23 yea
i can’t really disagree,that you’re really beating me,since you’re happier with him yea
if i told i’m you i’m sorry
please don’t tell me u love me
all the time that we wasted
we wasted
hook x2
don’t catch feelings girl we know this
all the feelings caught i can’t show this
maybe i fell deep i just don’t know,oh
if i could,talk to you
i should,ignore you
no phone calls,no night texts
if im yours,you’d write back
if i fall tell me girl would u catch me
if i called tell me girl would u answer
all my friends but im still feeling empty
she replies but i don’t really text her
cause, i’ve been feelin broken now
eversince we broken down
eversince u told me that u hate me and its over now
hanging up my calls and replies they getting colder now
guess i should move on cause i guess we’re getting older now