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lirik lagu fabolous – steve jobs


“steve jobs”
(feat. paul cain)

it goes however i wanted to
these b-tches never say can’t
i just call it angel, she look like heaven in pants
big house, couple rides
call that sh-t neverland ranch
tre pounds, shoot fast, call that sh-t kevin durant
you n-gg-rs beneath me
now go get f-cking stomped son
no i run this city i am brooklyn’s nucky thompson
if they make me go in
i’ma go right away
my fly -ss can’t be stopped no flight delay
gotta a crew of bad b-tches
call em the nice girls
yo b-tches look scary
but she ain’t no spice girl
it’s 9am when you clock, you’re an office worker
it’s big bens in my pocket i’m a rothsberger
coconut ciroc and pineapple, easy order
now i got this chick showing me what yeezy taught her (amber rose?)
welcome to the funeral pay respect
me and your girl, unibrow, may connect wait a sec
let it breath…

ha, ha, ha, ha, ha

its goes getting more money
they come with more problems
i used to be mac’ing but now i’m steve jobbin’ man
see you got 2 choices
you can stay broke or grind
life is a b-tch, and i’m just tryna oprah mine
gettin’ more money, it comes with more problems
man used to be mac’ing but now i’m steve jobbin’man
got 2 choices
you can stay broke or grind
life is a b-tch, and i’m just tryna oprah mine

[paul cain]
always been a squeezer, i’ve been on the hollow n-gg-s
always been a leader no twitter, i don’t follow n-gg-s
f-ck gl-ss, drink rose out the bottle n-gg-
i promised to keep it 1000 you know my motto n-gg-
don’t just talk it, be about it
you talk it, but we about it
we do it, you read about it
leave ’em don’t speak about it
we live it, you dream about it
how could you even doubt it
couldn’t get a quarter round here
unless we allowed it
this is our city, our town, our turf
we eatin’ and y’all thirst
do shoot back, bomb first
get ’em gone first
let em fire, arms burst
regardless of size or status
stuff em in that long he-rs-
i think i’m malcolm x, huey newton
marcus garvey, i’m surrounded by my army d-mn
d-mn, n-gg- try and harm me
f-ck what a hater think
how could n-gg-s try to rob me
if i’m out in abu dhabi, ferrari’s and maserati’s
fleets pulling up in n-bu’s and cipriani’s
or that f1 race track, good look tryna find me
wherever i’m at ,i’m smoking some bob marley
7 star hotels, you can see the ocean from the lobby
riding in the goose, riding to the goose
believe the great deal with stress
i’ve been through the most
changed my whole way of thinking, got a new approach
fly private if it ain’t first cl-ss, i’m through with coach
street fam for life, this we all owe the los
whole gang bottles in the air
i propose a toast
we dun seen the world
partied with emirates
we all come from nothing, always remember that
so you should be thankful everytime you spend a stack
for the all cl-ssy restaurants we ate dinners ate
all the cars, audemars with the different straps
but always strive for more, never be content with that
no beginner rap, no number 1 contender jack
arnold swarzenegger returns, decembers back

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