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lirik lagu exodu$ of p$ycho music – churche$


[verse 1: exodu$]

tell me god what does this really mean?
churches making green, homeless end up on the streets
why don’t the churches, just make purchase for the need?
hustling hard, just to make ends meet
gold ceilings, pictures painted on the screens
lost dreams of hope, pastors rollin up in limousines
people trying to cope, cuz corruptness resides in magazines
buying more churches, want in your purses they just want to receive
trying to endorse us, we just give then we leave
worship at any place, churches just try to deceive
this is the reason why, many close their eyes an don’t believe
i believe in god and good, but evil is dwelling underneath our feet
g-o-d, god or devil which one will you meet or greet?
the choice is up to you, g or d? but please just stop and think!
if love for money is corrupt why do they construct
instead of giving, so people can make a living, instead of k!lling, maaaan i give up

[verse 2: exodu$]

please, i just want peace, gang violence will decrease
much love to 2pac an others put to silence, rest in peace
will the police, ever cease, or will they always act elite
shoot first, then they ask the questions, when they busting heat
people blaming god, but that’s quite flawed
freewill is what we all have, some are lost in defeat
only god can judge, i hold no grudge even when all eyes on me
chains around your arms? but only god can set you free
school shootings, pre-planned government is going on a k!lling spree
innocent people guilty, way even before the plea
even christians can are blind, an they cannot see
religious hate and k!llings mannn this should not be
news stations, all the hatin’ and greed we see on tv
demons lurking, out the curtain they stuck to us like a flea
i’m no moses i’m exodus and i’m about to split so you can see. (sea)
evil is everywhere, so beware what you pick for a creed