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lirik lagu evilich – matri


reality the same
every time i open my eyes
it makes me wanna get high
it makes me wanna die
wish everyday wasn’t the same
hate this matrix type game
ride my board
i can do a bunch of tricks
you can’t even do basics
reality has me so bored
slice my skin with a sword
offer the blood to spirits
but only the ones
i want to work with for life
always carry a knife
cause maybe ill wanna join the after life
always outside so i sacrifice wildlife
blood so drippy just likе ice
im so trippy
reason why is classified
mеntal self was crucified
walking corpse
im so dead inside
so hollow
hear the wind blow inside
reality disintegration
everything’s melting away
brain melting away
ears melting off
i melt while melting away
now everythings coming back
a memory of the past
but the past doesnt exist
and neither does any time
were all made up
all in my mind
all everything while nothing
im something but nothing