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lirik lagu eternal dream – memories of a lyliac dawn act ii – beauty of eternal


long ago there was the beast
long ago there was the rose
whose petals shined the light with beauty
and his jaws shined terror
in her and in the world where he doesn’t belong no more
till god’s touch will bless him
long ago there was a king
there was the fall of the hierarchy
thus rise of evil into the world
and born was the princess
beauty who enchanted the beast
warrior, lover, with blood of a god
i look at you
in this beautiful dawn
this strange abstract light
shows our love so bright
never shall we go
back to our dark past
run away from here
to be forever near
the sun fades away
sweet cries forever dropped
but that day
would stop the sadness
holy godling with us
your touch will bring him back
creature of the seas now human
beast now my white prince