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lirik lagu eshon burgundy – gunz x rosez


[verse 1]
i was looking for the love of my life/
investigating all this hatred thinking something ain’t right/
often tired of being patient rather make it on sight/
though revenge is in my blood it’s no longer my type/
so i just leave it up to jesus
honest about my weakness/
when the cops pull up they searching for the stuff we’d stuff in speakers/
but the stuff i would stuff just ends up gettin’ tucked in my breathing/
cause nowadays days they’ll light you up for the conduct in which you speaking/
so it’s no doubt i got reason to c-ck & clutch what i believe in/
you disbelieve but as for me and my bible it’s cuffin’ season/
that living word i heard is applicable to my issues/
so when the block pop they pistols i echo living epistles/
that kinda drama ima survivor of it it made me stronger/
took me higher than the flyest bee buzzin off marijuana/
maury told the streets for me homie you are not the father/
came for me for his glory took me right back to ya honor abba/
i am a product of my environment
but i got up from the pool of blood
that i was dying in/
they put them coneheads in me and they robbed me for plenty/
i looked down the throat of death and stared into the beast’s belly/
see my dark skin frame bears my heart and my name/
but the true me
do thee/
set apart from the flames/
i suffer pain of lost loved ones
and i’ll never be the same/
love comes and goes
lo and behold i’m blessed to maintain you know?

i know somebody you can pray for/
pray for the ones who get preyed on/
pray that we never lose focus/
in the middle of guns and roses/
repeat 4x

[verse 2]
riding solo
i feel like i’m riding solo/
my p-ssenger side is empty
ask me can i see like total/
i see nothing like a polaroid photo
before ya shake it/
then it reveals
i’m wretched and pitiful poor blind and naked/
it’s amazing the things you find while reading revelations/
i get impatient during the credits i need the feature presentation
i need you god/
let ya rain fall on me like the roof gone even if it’s half off like a coupon
shower me/
knowing that ya presence will empower me undoubtedly/
raekwon’n my state of mind on some criminology/
i need ya guidance
i’m flying i need a pilot/
i’m buying i need a wallet/
i’m trying i need to stop it/
before i ruin me
like the lack of prayer
ruined our communities/
now the dboys is watching looking for some choppertunities/
enough with all the c–nery/
immune to the buffoonery/
enough with all the sex and the techs and excessive jewelry/
but later for that and i’ll be a hater for that/
but i know the savior’s the only way to keep this nation intact/
that’s why my only demonstration will be stating the facts/
a nation full of lost white n blacks
god shine a light/
and bring us all together black brown tan and white/
one nation under god the part of the pledge nobody likes/
i know you here though everybody swears you disappeared/
the spirit recognizes
while the flesh n blood is unaware/

i know somebody you can pray for/
pray for the ones who get preyed on/
pray that we never lose focus/
in the middle of guns and roses/
repeat 4x

if i perform well
they throw a rose at me/
i disappoint
they pull out a cartridge and start sparking/
lord how do i make my foes happy/
they put a price on my head i’m living like a target/
they hail you then nail you
no matter who you are
repeat 3x