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lirik lagu enthroned – as the wolves houl again


awakened by the wolves howlings,
watching out within the castle’s walls.
i saw the fullmoon, guiding my life…
a thick fog covers the landscape,
the fiibulwinter is arriving,
the darkness is here,
ancient times are calling,
i start to remember…

i adore my ancestors, for their braveness!
they fought for their believes,
they had realized the truth…
they denied all others beliefs,
and so do i.

as night is rising, i hear a distant voice,
he is calling my name!
i listen with pride!
as ancient kingdoms rise…
beyond the great mountains of frost,
the knowledge lies within,
i hear a distant voice from the dark forest.

i must leave the forsaken world,
i ride the winds of frost, to my home.
as darkness rises,
the fog appears in the night,
in the distant a castle appears…
longing for those old times,
the moonlight guides me on my journey,
i follow the moon,
for it shall lead me home,
suddenly i arrive at the castle,
my ancestors had right,
i trust them with whole my heart…

raise the seventh sword of ninnagesh

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