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lirik lagu elijah ghost - go head shoot


weapons mac~11 on me present in case we gotta end it
reaper on me sleeping deep and peep what’s round my f~cking pendant
reckless with the lesson breathless creep and leave that p~ssy headless
i won’t over step it, because the graveyard got a spot he’ll rest in
i been steady pressing now it’s time for severance
i don’t got much sh~t to say, but better yet just spare the vengeance
everybody silent, i come round they stepping
you think they’d learn their lesson, can’t keep giving blessings
talkin down on me, i couldn’t see you make it out alright
don’t care if you believe me, because the ghost a take you outta sight
a thousand riding clean, anotha thousand whip the loads at nights
life ain’t what it seems, don’t be afraid to risk your worthless life

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