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lirik lagu elegy – suppression


take a good look around tell us a truth now what are they saying
they’re out of all sight and sound while the hatred is growing
the guilty are praying

though innocent eyes don’t lie it’s hopeless subscribing retaliation
enemies all must die is this the road to h-ll and d-mnation

won’t somebody help them anymore like a rock to the ground
they keep falling just when they found a real sense of direction

we determine our own lives with the power the strength to change them
but when manipulation plays a big part then our future is gone

suppression won’t we bother suppression won’t we show a little concern
repression won’t we help each other only if we can find the time my dear

so what lessons if any can be learnt to help your sister to help your brother
or do we turn a blind eye cos no one we know ever gets hurt

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