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lirik lagu elegy – angel without wings


growing up in extreme poverty,
and living in a town filled with empty promises,
the young boy is filled with scepticism.
he battles between right and wrong.
facing a horrifying decision, which no child should have to make,
his whole life could be turned upside down.
does he listen to the wishes of his kind, but stressful mother,
to remain living in poverty, and be persecuted by many?
the alternative is to take a road into crime and deception,
with his so called friends.
either way he’ll suffer the consequences.

his mother sad, now she’s left alone
no shoulder to cry on, no hand to hold
to stay alive, worked her fingers to the bone
guilt nor shame, her child must have a home
she tried to teach him right from wrong
a town without vision, they don’t belong
eternal friends, persuasive lies
tainted images, through sorry eyes

don’t be shy, pull up a stool, stick with us
you’ll do okay
money talks, that’s their rule,
once you join, you’re here to stay
you can’t walk away

lord knows she tried hard to save him
the angel without wings

stigmatised, the poor, the few
opportunities given, but not to you
he searched along the corridors of power
a fruitless journey, his darkest hour

by any rule he doesn’t play,
now he’s the keeper, no-one’s fool
who said crime doesn’t pay
all his fears have disappeared

lord knows she tried so hard, to save him
lord knows she tried so hard, to save him

the angel without wings
time, will it tell, a choice of heaven or h-ll

the years have p-ssed by, the leaves have fallen
learn to survive in time, you’re on your own

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