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lirik lagu edenbridge – winter winds


the fallen leaps are withered
the cycle of the seasons takes it\’s turn
the northwinds blowin\’ over the land
the heart of spring is waiting to return
and the glacial winds are breathing one more time
for the birds of p-ssage now the hours chime

the winter winds are leaving
desolation seems to have a meanwhile end
by a long forgotten feeling i believe
in the dream of a summer\’s eve

the snow-capped mountains gleaming
like the ocean in aurora fades away
the sunlight\’s streamin\’ over the land
to the rays of sunshine flowers like to sway
birds of springtime catch a rainbow in the night
hear \’em whisper from the trees that yearn for light

the summer\’s eve is there
there\’s magic in the air
and the neverending story of the seasons will go on
in the tears of autumn rain
leaves are falling in the lane
to announce the soon return
of glacial winter winds