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lirik lagu eddie noack – for you i weep


[chorus 1]
each night, i pray for you, my darling
i pray my love, you’ll always keep
each day, i know you’re gone forever
and each lonely night, for you, i weep


i gave you the love of my heart
a heart that beat for only you
a love that lived for you alone, dear
in dreams that never could come true

[chorus 2]
still, in dreams, i dream of only you, dear
you’re mine, if only in my sleep
i wake with teardrops on my pillow
’cause each lonely night, for you, i weep

[fiddle solo]

[slide guitar solo]

[chorus 3]
each day, i wait for your return, dear
night after night, my tears won’t let me sleep
each day, i smile and say i’m happy
and each lonely night, for you, i weep

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