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lirik lagu ed croucher - if i die on neptune


(too late to love you now)
(too late to love you now)
(too late to love you now)
(too late to love you now)
(too late to love you now)
(too late to love you now)

my brain at the centre of stars crash and it pass by me
how do you live with yourself knowing we’re all dying?
i spent most of my life just tryna redefine it
but thinking of her on a drip smiling
and i sink until my grandma starts speaking again
and i think what if she’s looking back at me through the lens?
i found peace when i could have died
but something told me that it weren’t my time yet
still see the pain in their eyes
and each day’s getting harder to digest
each wave’s just a part of the mindset
leaving this world knowing i did something good in this life
my eyes red would’ve thought i was high
in 6 months, i been losing my mind
and i just keep smiling
spinning through sp~ce ‘till we find what we’ve been avoiding this whole time
(and she likes the sample though)
wait, you’re recording me right now?
what i’m saying right now?
aye listen, your a g~nius mate, your a g~nius
your gonna be better than all of us, your just not there yet, just need to keep pushing
cuz your a f~cking g~nius bruv do you understand?
yeah man

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