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lirik lagu don’t flop – soul vs cee major


[round 1: soul]
yo, let’s get one thing clear, boy: you don’t deserve to be the champ of britain
so i’ma give you the beating you deserve since they gave you the battle that you didn’t
so for those who thinks he deserves this here’s some stuff to consider:
look at the facts, you are 2012’s runt of the litter
you lost to ogmios, bam, and weren’t judged against chilla
that means the last solo battle that you won was enigma?
you went 0 and 2 when i went 6 and 0, you shouldn’t be allowed on stage
you’ve been losing at home, i’ve been winning in canada, and now the states
eurgh, you should have your head down ashamed
cause you gave a t-tle shot to a guy who ain’t won a battle in a thousand days
let me put that into perspective for those who are g-ssed
that means you haven’t won a battle since tone was the champ
that means you haven’t won a battle since oshe was the champ
that means you haven’t won a battle since before i was banned!
you’re just not champion level
might as well just hand me the medal and pin it on me like we amateur wrestle
cause right now you in the woods with a bag full of pretzels and
handing out bread’ll get him shown up every which way like hansel and gretel
you can’t handle this level, i’ve battled the best and traveled for several canada’s vets
atlanta for ness and africa’s next, i’ll happily sh-ll you for thinking that you are special
get your head wrapped and your boat rocked like somalian rebels
he’s starry-eyed, turn his gl-sses to bezels, a cat in the kennel
i’m done being a joker bruv, nah i’m bout to snap with the pencil
i pull rank i’m a general
think my son gonna win?
bet he will my kid’s playing like bamm-bamm and pebbles
where my standard gets set’ll be where the battle’s standard gets settled
since set the standard has been your standard to settle
so i’ma throw on one of your wack instrumentals and sk-nk in your temple
like you’ve been walking with god, and now it’s time to dance with the devil
so b-b-b-b-bully hoo you think i’m actually shook of you? end it
your lifetime battle record is 2 and 2
and it’s funny that your lifetime battle record is 2 and 2
cause you ain’t won a battle in three years that ain’t a 2 on 2
well i’ve proved myself, by myself. i’m the man in this promotion
watch his bars crumble at the top for relying on crackers to support him
you’ve got a third-rate work rate, look at the ink that the guy’s used
i’ve got more ink in my p-ssport than he has in his rhyme book
so this ode to you ain’t owed to you, last t-tle match even tony knew
really? this should’ve been dialect versus soul for you
but nah you got the shot, cause they base the league out of london
you think you get the shot if it was based out of leeds and you’re bugging
you think you get the shot if the champ was tony d then you’re bunning
you think you get the shot if they hadn’t already set up you verse me
then you’re struggling to see what they’ve done and the reasons they’ve done it
now ask those same questions to me and you can see what is coming
you are surplus to requirements, this t-tle match is me versus someone
cause check the polls, i’m from fife, it’s 9,000 men that don’t have any hope
i seen 3 queues as a kid, i wasn’t selling dope
only queues i’ve ever known; pensions, dole, and methadone
in my teens the high street was boarded-up abandoned buildings
one used to be the inst-tute, overrun by rats and pigeons
lowest house prices in the uk thanks to thatcher’s britain
so don’t chat your sh-t, like “london’s the only place the working cl-ss is living”
smack addiction, got him on that 40 milligrams and liquid at the clinic
looking like anakin when the hand is missing
so have opinions about that razor in my hand bar being fact or fiction
but i’m not glorifying anything, cause that sh-t was a bad decision
now you say you don’t glorify it, but look at what he has been spitting
stuff about the straps they’re gripping
and man they’re k!lling and how all they wanna do is ride
well i’m a mustang sally-driven advocate of pacifism
so start rapping about your mandem pitchin’
cause i don’t mention that sh-t ever even if it’s that or prison
i’m only mentioning it now to tell you pack it in cause they can’t distinguish
but don’t tell me i can’t walk a mile in stanley’s boots how the man was living
when i used to have to walk around with a stanley in ’em

[round 1: cee major]
i’ll have you unsure of the sh0r-s that you’re searching for
was testing that thunder in your stomach really worth the storm?
the curtains draw while this b-tch gets wrapped, like persian broads
come at cee (sea) get f-cked up in every way possible, that’s murphy’s law
i’m certain, sure you are not closely prepared
it’s summer time… so i’m on my spanish sh-t again. so if i say i’m son (sun) him i’ma leave soul(sol) in the air
your fan base? minuscule, but don’t be surprised they’re not opening ears
you made a career battling n0bodies… that’s why n0body cares
give it a rest
oh, but you battled ness in atlanta and he’s considered a vet?
and you a hit on the net?
this ain’t the 90s n0body gives a f-ck about mitch-ll and ness
you’re on the big cards, but guarantee the no-namers get this guy
you battled a dude called pigsty…
before i battle someone with that name you’ll see pigs fly
i used to look up in amazement at this guy, now i’m just looking down, in amazement, like…
this guy
you lost my ratings at a rate i can’t describe
it’s like you’re playing the antagonist from the hannibal fl1ck, because you lost face to that pig sty
so you’re on a new flight every week? battling out of country, living the life of your dreams
i get it, you’re getting busy on the grind for your team
but that’s canary wharf sh-t, because you stay getting busy, but you’re still light at your peak (you still light at your peak)
you a rider then? please. you dope then j?
so i’m gonna size him up just to cut him down, like an o of yay
spiritual being, but don’t consider me and soul the same
all the references from soul are plain, these punches will have him travelling through solar planes
soul was taking shots, but see it’s souls we take, we lower graves
if soul’s a name, this? sosa’s aim i’m taking over tony’s place
they say “those that mind don’t matter and those that matter don’t mind”
they say you deserved the t-tle since your battle with matter
now that doesn’t matter, that’s mine
it’s that time, he dies before i even got to land mine
cardiac (cardiak) sh-t, before i dropped this beating (beat in) you heard the flat line
if it’s drama school him. drama school sh-t, we put a mark down if he don’t act right
they said get the boy with the death note, i said ‘that’s light’
your name’s jed ‘mitch-ll’, well it doesn’t matter where your fam’s tied
i’ll run up on your family tree and open up a branch like a franchise
he’s been letting the fame get to his head, he better hang tight
before cee makes him capsize, just to reduce his cap size
you’re the best rapper in your hood, but where you from fam? fife
f-ck you and your bagpipes, with my hands tied i could run through your city like a tramline
f-ck being pc, i’d rather say ‘i’ll let the metal connect like a flashdrive
because i’ve been making movements from the groundwork, this is about to be a landslide
i’m a certified k!ller, you can check the portfolio
homie know i break a body down like polio
but seeing as it’s bait enough for them to quote it
i’m gonna make a quick amendment to the old script
i’m certified, k!ll him on cam, we don’t need the portfolio sh-t
i’m back in all types of ways, that’s scoliosis
homie know this, i’ll k!ll a rapper in a moment’s notice
soul is bogus, as soon as you talk arms, i can see you’re a target, stoney clothing
i’ll make soul fly, holy ghost sh-t, the second i dig this hole, he’s ghosting
my cornucopias boasting, while you on the net like kournikova, posing
so i’ll roll up with a couple codies and decode his whole sh-t
like ‘what you testing cee for (c4) you know the kid is so explosive
plus you look like an oxfam ad with your shoulders bulging
brother, you put the ‘fam’ in famine, i don’t condone this
you need to stop ’eating rappers’ and eat a meal, but soul you know this
you only called soul, because this ain’t enough body to hold a soul in
jed mitch-ll… i could dead lift you
with these bars, i’ll lay him flat, just to lift him up, let’s get technical

[round 2: soul]
yo, let’s get one thing clear, boy: you don’t deserve to be the champ of britain
that style you use i m-n-scripted, you’re just another man that bit it
but since my old style is the one that cee is gonna use tonight
figured i’ll take this round, show him how to do it right
look, that style was one failed experiment that i gave this monster life with
so this the scene that dr jekyll bodies hyde in
i’ll keep it simple: get off my d-ck, and stop the biting
i will pen circles around cee, cause he copy writing
you even bite religions, remember when you were in m-ss
gave his crucifix back, now the muslim’s his fam
the same faith that turned cat stevens to yusuf islam
but you went from peace training to fatwas so what’s the use of islam?
i’m not even gonna front like i read the quran mate
but you said yourself, you never have that separatist part played
but now you’re colder than isis, bruv they’d send him back our way
cause they’ve got two eyes you can’t use and two ss you can’t say
he’s on some att-tude era in the world wrestling federation flex
cause you’re a christian that fakes violence just so you can gain an edge
but how i’m k!lling these 2012 dudes he shoulda stayed with jesse james instead
cause you don’t pack guns on road dog i’ll have the whole of d-generation x
but if he running with them blades instead i’ll ether my clone
this a seed that i’ve grown and now i’m about to reap what i’ve sown
i had lee owned a weekend ago so i will end c-era blood i’m in a league of my own
cause i’m from the era of the 360 writers like tinchy stryder
before url turned everyone into gun rappers and twitter hypers
so this kid’s a liar, so if he’s spitting fire while his flint’s expired
that’s cause you’re using the red dot to gas them up, that’s a clipper lighter
he should’ve shown up in some b-tch attire
in some partly-cropped army top
cause you’ve been backed into a corner by more teenage boys than lara croft
it’s just bars he drops, you think he got people in the crowd squeezing?
like he can just phone a friend and i’ll be found bleeding
well then i’m gonna split him like 50/50 they’re like wait
is this clown scheming? nah this a chris tarrant quiz f-ggot
cause i’ll give major the coffin without cheating
i just cooked you with the 4-bar style i used to use that you still use in 2 on 2s
but now i feel like cooking you so
your pen game less dope, my pen game death note, let’s go
your pen game dead weight mine is death row
he got a 4, 4 that’s a tempo, i will hold down c
so the first second and third i’ll make him fret those
i’ll start dead slow but end dope
you’re about to get both barrels from the jump like omar in the trenchcoat
head stoved, neck bone exposed and his leg broke
you’re getting a feature on your medical record by necro
i got gas in store like esso’s at tesco’s
to shake him up then explode like mentos in fresh c0ke
you’re g, aye? you’re gi, destro against joe
lace him up over that hard front like some sh-lltoes
read him while i’m training to work, he’s like the metro
this violins, organs, b-ss, tubas, and cellos
in the pit going out with a bang when i wave elbows
so watch, i’ll turn one cee major to a crescendo

[round 2: cee major]
i grew up in the east side, where we grew up idolizing that ghetts off risky roadz
now i’m on the stage and he’s in the crowd – salute king – i guess that means me and ghettz are switching roles
because they gave freedom of speech to a rebel with a cause – causing deadly metaphors
these words? a ghetto gospel… noah in the old testament, this cee’s k!lled many men before
this a connect call with flex, they put digits on the line
now you’re living for a sport, your life can finish on a line
it never matters the victim they -ssign, i’ve been on it from a cub, i’m grown now i’ll k!ll him for the pride
breaking bread with my k!llers it’s time for dinner then we dine, we need dinner then you dyin’
they put the footage on loop like i did it for the vine
don’t ever get it twisted, raise your fist up and get hype
that’s bikram yoga, because it gets heated then you’re in a difficult position for the night
so, soul how does it feel to be so-so
no, soul you need to find a name that fits, you’re an atheist stop tryna take the p-ss you have no soul
and your girl’s name’s shabnam azad
i’m sorry… but i’ve never heard a name as bad as that
long distance, so your s-x life is ‘sp-ce bar, sp-ce bar, enter, backslash…. hashtag’
cyber boy i wonder how many real men shabnam azad(as had)
isn’t this a b-tch, you’re catching the burn from that yellow thing like piccadilly dip
‘cos while mr. mitch-ll’s in the bits, searching for a figure just to figure out what intimacy is
his girls kicking it with them french players, like ibrahimovic
wa’um star? we can go arm for arm and it’s not krav maga
but hype cos i dissed your little indian, god you’ll need more arms to start
before that red dot’s at your temple like the taj mahal
so you don’t wanna rival major, i’m the boss, oh (on) this stage here? that’s final player
i’m making noise off these lines, like a vinyl player
but they ain’t wanted to hear a soul sound since motown made vinyl, player
so how can you place him in a bigger league?
from the weigh-in i knew i was gonna weigh him in i’m with it, b
don’t even have to go out of my way to k!ll him lyrically
on my gospel singer sh-t… i put faith in this ability
and man know the world view i hold’s religious
so if we’re talking bodying (body and) soul, the concept’s so intrinsic
but i can switch it and have son solar eclipsed
if i show you how i got this down to a science, soul don’t exist
because i’m unparalleled, our paths can’t coincide
it’s lonely at the top. i look around there ain’t a soul in sight
but lemme give soul insight. i’m here to take the t-tle and do you damage
i’m k!lling two birds with one stone, i’m a frugal arab
on my first time buyer, this is practice holmes (homes)
i’ve been sharpening my tools like a blacksmith and i’ve got more than enough spirit to be a match for soul
you match fit? so! i’m doing more than well
you’ll end up kicking the bucket tryna catch this flow
but no lie, workrate wise i can’t f-ck with soul
you did 35 battles… last month alone
but i fly the box office, i define a hot topic, hence why i did one battle last year… and got a t-tle shot off it
i ain’t even in my hay day soul
and i’ve recouped more interest than a payday loan
‘cos i just drop some fire in the booth and kick back on some sloth (charlie) sh-t
you? the man they see working. me? the man they stay watching
but if clashin’s the topic
as long as you’re ready to take that ‘l’ and give me the cash in (c-ash in’) i’m on it
i get busy ‘til my blade’s brown (blade brown) i’m ‘bout to bag him and box him (bags and boxes mixtape)
because, yes we the realness…. nah je suis (‘’je suis charlie hebdo’’) the realness
see how calling me out ends up bad for you comics
so how do you think he’s the truth, he moves how an idiot moves
this sucker, sucker punched caustic, then had to sprint from the room
but the fact you didn’t knock man down exposed your lineage too
because you’re moving like a d-ch-ss… just a b-tch with them dukes
so if it’s bar then it’s bars let’s keep it at that
because you’d be seeing a death (deaf) sentence if i’ve got to speak with my hands (sign language)
i’ll knock jed out, for real
drake sh-t, if you’re reading this it’s too late sh-t
because he see these (cd’s) drop, then he’s looking for a clause just to get out the deal
so they’re gonna have to phone the papers when this man gets smoked to vapors
on reflection, i don’t wanna hear nothing, anechoic chambers
because i’m good in my hometown, but gotham sh-t i’m gonna k!ll him with a next city
i’ll make you hop along like cobblepot if you try and get fresh with me
i’ve got some cronies like don maroney… flex with me
i’m harvey dent palming pence, because no matter how you flip it there’ll always be heads with me
jed today you tempted fate
you’re center stage with hemmingway
this? em and jay on renegade
f-ck an outcome, when this comes out, we’re both legend status anyway
he’s mentioned he’s a fan of mine, can’t talk like i ain’t said the same
but you’re in front of a fanatic with his weapon aimed, you can go the lennon way
so remember the name, i’m on my henry the 8th
i’ll rip a rappers head off, i’m just waiting for my severance pay
lemme explain, i’m a barbarian, these bars? ‘bout to bury the game
i’m at a point where they check for my name, you? dying after a checkpoint
i’m just setting the levels again
you rappers’ all b-tch made, getting wet for the fame
you’re in your lelli kellys tryna step in the rain
rappers i’ve sonned, sonned rappers that’ve sonned rappers, my sh-t pops on a grand scale
you best accept that i’m great

[round 3: soul]
yeah i’m in a long-distance relationship, and that’s probably true
but i just came back from canada in a month and you with a muslim
so i probably have s-x more often than you
let’s get one thing clear, boy: you don’t deserve to be the champ of britain
but you think we’re equal level writers
so let me tell you some stuff this man has written
remember when you battled sniper e and pretended his name was jim for the 3rd round
so you could do an -ssociative wordplay scheme on exercise
and tell him the battle wouldn’t “work out”?
wait, you think we’re the same, right?
well there’s more quotes i’d mention, but now it’s embarr-ssing
cause that means you think soul might’ve said it. no, i edit
that round was more like a yoga cl-ss
you came dressed up to exercise and spent the whole time stretching
but he said that, and he meant that
cause he wrote that, and then he read that
but if that’s the caliber of rapper that’s challenged to be the next champ
tony shouldn’t have thrown it away, he should have kept that
and in that same round you saying you let the lead blam
you like hammers? west ham, fight rappers, def jam
so who’s more real: the f-ggot in the sweatband
or the dude who’s willing to throw a punch and get banned?
bruv, i can’t make tracks like them man, you can’t clash like jed can
so lucky for me, this ain’t a drops or a webham
it’s right between your eyes, gsp with the headband
blood everywhere turn this 7d to a red cam
i will x man cause you talk about his crop bringing bars to the scene
but i was there 2 years before that tryna carve out that niche
now you’re part of it cee, my marketing scheme
that got major promoted, now the star gets fatigued
i’m commander-in-chief, now you pardoning me?
pardoning me, but your part in the scene
is owed part in to me, departing from me
so split my wig like he parred it to me, that’s a parting to me
it’s a fake front but it sounds good, you’re dolly parton to me
still i’m proud cause i gardened this seed, put bark on his tree
still you shouldn’t bark up this tree, cause you try bite but you aren’t what you eat
i wore my heart on my sleeve, and watched arteries bleed
so artists like cee could come and take part in this league
if i didn’t stick to bars and defeat you’d find it hard to succeed
so this the spartan regime in the arms of defeat, when the archers release
act a god and get scarred for your cheek
so either i bury and move to m or it’s over like -rs-nal’s team
cause i was here before don’t flop extra and the demo channel
before the camera team was bam and zeek, fred and bagnall
back when patty boi’s iphone was the second angle
back before you got bread to battle, back when you wouldn’t even get your travel
you’re from the 2012 k!ller crop
2012 k!ller crop?
oh you mean 2012 only here cause of mark grist and blizzard crop
you mean 2012 driven on the road that we built you crop
you mean 2012 bandwagon, spitting cause the hits it got
bicker lots on twitter crop, reason vets were quitting crop
cringey crop, whingy crop, seemed sick if you didn’t flop
cause you only had to compete with callumboom, eek, and gibbo crop?
about a k!ller crop, are you kidding dog?
some f-cking nuclear winter crop
cause like 4 of you herbs made it the rest of you f-cking withered off
and you stand out cause you’ve got a couple leaves in a crop of twigs and stalks
i’m from that first event they did with scots, here from the beginning crop
that’s chris and tom, gizmo, kong, deffinition, don silk, and shots
scizzahz, chron, and richie, dog, the list goes on
and that’s what p-ssed me off, cause you think you’re vets and we think we’re not
just cause you can put people under you like micky, locksmyth, and dotz
and they can put people under them like willzy, shox, twisted, tox
and they can put people under them like dillon, rob wilson, flawless, and fos
when will this ego-tripping stop?
people ask why the real vets are so humble and it’s because we know
people could do the same to us like piff and hom
and they know people could do the same to them like stig and prof
and they know people could do the same to them like jin and swann
and they know people could do the same to them like the scribble jam that slim was on
all the way back to kool moe dee at house parties in the bronx
it’s like you give them props if they’re hot, then sit and watch them flip and flop
like your disc i copped, humble beginnings, stop
then they’re the biggest shot
but this is where the k!ller crop’s ego-tripping stops
when i leave cee red and split his top he’ll switch the mosque for a synagogue
what you think some scene that used to be joke-heavy and bar-light, you think that scene raised itself?
you think he seen mark grist and blizzard pop and then he came to help?
you think i’ll let this bandwagon-jumping, style-biting dweeb take the belt?
then i got 2 words for you, f-ggot: behave yourself

[round 3: cee major]
when he was in canada this man got braggadocios
he said – and i quote this
“f-ck being don’t flop’s poster boy i’m captain of my own ship”
now you’re back to get new highs by dragging on an old spliff
because now you’re on them don’t flop posters, boy this man done had his tone switched
before tone dipped you were screaming “i don’t have to rep a league i move transcendentally”
then you changed your tune
so the deal you and organik made fell through and you’re back to beg it? please
this man’s pathetic, if you’re not gonna rep a league, tell me what kind of champ that jed can be
let’s address how what you say and what you do just doesn’t match up
they say you the man with the words, but if you ain’t a man of your word
then it’s all chat, cause
obviously you wanna be the champ, but
you say you don’t wanna represent a league?
listed, that’s what a champ does
that’s why before this i was boys with jed, so i’ve gotta destroy a friend
because when there’s a virus in the system sometimes you’ve gotta cut off your own arm before the poison spreads
i’m on my star of david, every angle’s on point for them
i might scramble your brains like freudian tests
when it’s grind time, i’m poised and penning a verse with a poison pen
and in don’t flop they saw us both grow from boys to men
but you’re on your benjamin b-tton, you had to grow to this stage just to get boyed again
like, how do you disrespect the company and get a t-tle shot like they’re just giving it up
doesn’t that pose one question? “whose d-ck did he suck?”
‘cos this can’t be the type of fool that this brand serves
then i guess it’s time for a revolution on the brand work
you’re overly emotional, you’re a battle rapper you’ve got a d-mn nerve
you’re getting drawn out for that heart on your sleeve like tat work
because when this battle got announced, i had a death in the family
last thing on my mind was jed and the rap scene
so i grieved, felt depressed for a second then actually
i got to penning your funeral, you could never get at me
because i’m a business man, so it’s f-ck how i’m feeling and business as usual
plus, they’re putting chips up, so if i chip chunks out of cause then i can chip in for the funeral
but here’s where me and soul stay different
because when his dog died… soul played victim
cancelled his battle with arkaic and had everyone asking if sh-t was okay with him
you’re weak… i ain’t okay with this
it’s time you drop pesci’s style, adopt cobain’s writtens
take that death note of yours and jot your own name in it
because soul’s ‘bout to get a whole new beating, i’m ‘bout to go crate digging
and i’m sorry if you lot feel like i’m wrong for this angle
but you said depression helps you in battle rap? not in this battle
because if i say i’m ‘bout to top myself i brought lines to match my best sh-t
if he says he’s ‘bout to top himself i’m dialing paramedics
and if i’m talking dope, i mean i am that guy
if they’re talking dopamine, you lack that, right?
and i ain’t a s-d-st i don’t say this for no reason
but depression runs your life, down to the cadence that you speak in
talking like you believe you’re the greatest it’s deceiving
it’s degrading to the scene, your senior status is decreasing
your life is defaced by depression this ain’t the face to rep the league with
plus he’s moving sketchy when he claims to pledge allegiance
now they know you in canada, but do you think having a name is an achievement?
you’re in the pool with the big fish, round here being bait just gets you eaten
i’m on my predator sh-t
i’m a shark in the water, me and soul (sole) a whole different kettle of fish
you won’t make an impact with cee, unless you allow your depression to win
and dive head first off the edge of a cliff
you lonely, depressed emotional wreck
p-ssive aggressive, manic depressive
losing the company money because he can’t keep his emotions in check (cheque)
so how do you plan to sell a brand to the world
when a depressed little b-tch is how he’s branding himself
while all of us hungry spitters are sat on the shelf
you lot are throwing him the rope… and he’s hanging himself
so as far as i’m concerned, jed can get the belt
and you can have a champ tryna represent the league, that can’t even represent himself