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lirik lagu don q – fuck you mean


f-ck you mean?

i come from the sewers, but f-ck a lil’ rumor
i’m tuckin’ my ruger because of intruders
my youngin’ll do ya, he bringin’ gun to the school and he hopin’ that he run into ya
he don’t go to cl-ss, he hustle and boot it
he chose his path, the money was cooler
i’m ’bout to go smash and f-ck on a cougar
ain’t wastin’ my gas, put that sl-t in a uber
i smell like a kilo straight out of the tape
bag me in dimes and sell me in weight
your shorty a dime, i love how she shake
even if she a nine, she still gettin’ eight
i’m pourin’ up lines, my cup color grape
ain’t sippin’ on wine, you know what i take
you thinkin’ you flyin’, i shoot down your cape
commit the crime, then move out of state
i go and flee and i’m with a caribbean
in a frog and i’m leapin’ like i’m an amphibian
these n-ggas be sweet, so i shoot ’em with insulin
no it ain’t a secret, i see who they mimic
my bro got that heat and he creep like a gremlin
so watch how you speak through your t–th or i’m sendin’ him
dior on my feet, you could see what i’m drippin’ in
i got a bottle, it’s three, that’s the minimum (yeah)

lost my hoes, f-ck the bros, we just keep ’em in the cypher
that’s the code, she on go, soon as i meet her, i’ma snipe her

i came in the b-tch…