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lirik lagu domo genesis – power ballad


power ballad
(feat. smoke dza)

[verse 1: domo genesis]
money talks, so shut the f-ck up and listen
you f-ckin’ kids in intermission, i’m in pro-position
and you’re in no position, i’m itchin’ to close-in in it
zone and kill it, close, conceal it, leave that b-tch with no forensics
b-tch, it’s not a stain on me little homie
you don’t know me, better know your role jebroney, little phony
tryin’ to clone me, i’m my only
like i’m kobe in the post, you can’t control me
spittin’ scriptures, n-gg-s feel like i’m holy
n-gg-s know he bound to be a problem in this rap sh-t
i snap b-tch, my stats went from average to cl-ssic
went h.a.m. and did damage, y’all mans will get sandwiched
my plan is the planet where the middle of my hand is
alpha male, you n-gg-s do what you manage
i’m shootin’ for the stars, really feelin’ like i can’t miss
my flow is australian money, bruh, you can’t rip
keep it live, smokin’, gettin’ high until i’m dead, b-tch

[verse 2: smoke dza]
right, kushedgod in this mu’ f-cka
right, i smoked the whole jar like oh lord, au revoir
girl scout cookie and not them little hoes, y’all
talkin’ that west coast, i got it from my home boy
i hate green weed like guru fans hate solar
got no respect for it like a grown man with a mohawk
or a big mouth with no heart or a black b-tch with a nose job
just some sh-t i don’t go for
i don’t really give a f-ck ’bout offendin’, just my opinion
ill n-gg-, full off philepe chow an i’m ventin’
tryin’ to gas this asian broad for a bj and a happy endin’
still pitchin’ like i’m in the ninth innin’
i’m a closer, i’m mariano with the flow, bruh
see me suited, five panels with the bears on ’em
every bar they ric flairin’ for ’em, dza

okay, i got a little somethin’ somethin’
we gon’ crush it down, roll ’em up, and offer it to her
and see how she act about it, right?

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