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lirik lagu domo genesis – basic bitch


basic b-tch
(feat. hodgy beats)

[domo genesis]
now as time moves on and my clout gets bigger
how many b-tches wanna f-ck this n-gg-?
iphone full of missed calls from this sick broad
only f-cked once, she complainin how she miss dog (ha ha ha)
b-tch chill! ain’t n-body trickin over here
appeared to have feeling, watch me make them feelings disappear
yeah the magician’s here, just kickin it
i’m sick with this pimpin sh-t, playin hoes ridiculous
i ain’t got love for ’em, only ’bout the grind
it’s hunger in my heart, and desire on my mind
these others slow behind, i’m speedin through the fast lane
she pipe blowin no brights though and keep your last name
i’ll let you hit the weed, what else do you really need?
you high or you’re delirious, tellin me you can’t breathe
when you’re without me, you don’t know how you should be
high, that’s the addiction, this b-tch is under my cheese

that’s the addiction, this b-tch is under my cheese
and b-tches under my sleeve yup! tryin to smoke my weed up
reefer, that’s what i’m talkin ’bout, sativa
indica, you need to listen to me lil’ girl
you actin so basic (b-tch) i’m tired of yo’ payless -ss
you need to cop some asics you basic (b-tch)
you need a muh’f-ckin facelift
i like ’em plastic, dinosaur, jur-ssic

[hodgy beats]
same ol’, same ol’, b-tch youse a lame-o
you’re not the pot of gold to be at the end of a rainbow
it’s ludicrous abusiveness, i ain’t got time
i’m busy on my music sh-t, is nike tryin to do this sh-t?
hodgy back to prove this sh-t and watch the bank approve this slick
with big checks ’em in; recognize a pro, he bring the vets with him
expect the fiber hoes encountering long neck syndrome
average is basic, day five or day six
different day, same sh-t, my hat speak my language
articulate terminology, follow me or swallow me
shallowly, blow these basics off like kush cali weed
basic meanin basic salary
facelift overexceedin calories
instead of weight watchin, she gettin donuts from valerie’s
colors flux like mood rings
now she ain’t happy, the hoodrat comes out
and her weave get nappy, hodgy leavin this rat sh-t


dinosaur, jur-ssic [repeats chopped 4x]

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