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lirik lagu dom kennedy – bite me


“bite me”

[mike epps skit intro]

[verse 1:]
my homie “g” told me once you got it in a week
they didn’t know i rhyme, but now n-gg-s send me beats
now i hooked a couple fans, booked a couple jams
see me at the party, n-gg- shook a couple hands
and d-mn you such a d-ck blower, yo whole click owe us
and ya own b-tch know it, this my lane get over
and jason had to change the kicks on the on the drums
cause n-gg-s bite like tyson when they finna lose
they like “dom what you finna do?”
n-gg- more photo shoots, more interviews
i’m tryin to boost my status up before my minutes through
cause n-gg-s out in philly like, “dom we feelin tennis shoes.”

and you said you didn’t like it though
n-gg- d-mn what you bite it fo’?
i’m just tryin to party with them lightskinned hoes
take a couple shots and we might get blown
hit a couple spots before the night get gone
like b-tch you better look hot when these lights click on

[verse 2:]
please pardon, the way that i be guarding
my flow i don’t spit, it’s more the way that i be barfing
i’m on fire more the way that i be arson
i already palmed her in the way that i be carson
on the daily i lay back in my car and
i do nothin, but i work too d-mn hard man

[hook: add to it]
and on… and on

[verse 3:]
and i’m convinced we, fresh like mintly
sometimes i ask myself, “is this for real n-gg- pinch me”
to keep dom sane cause dang
all this pink champagne got me tipsy
and i speak all flame n-gg- meet champagne
n-gg- drench me and send me to disney land
with some girls in a jiggy tan
-ss like diggy d-mn, saran and a dingy can
don’t you know you can’t help style?
man i’m just tryin to be like myself now
so when i show up, put yo self down
black chucks, with the gucci belt
and you said you didn’t like it though
n-gg- d-mn what you bite it fo’?
if i’m ever onstage and the mic is broke
i’m a just make it rain till the my life is broke
and i know that’s not political
kennedy’s don’t do that but no we is not identical
and no we is not a syllable
so when they say we back, that mean me they not feelin you
on the beat i rock lyrical
feel it in the air yes indeed i drop spirituals
belonging to the lord, rescue me i got miracles
can’t take the car or suv i got [?]
with no suv i knock erica, we shine so hard
how can people not stare at us
how girls not marry us (f-ck that)
how could mtv not carry this
roll the kush with the berry sh-t
and don’t come to leimert park with that scary sh-t
every trend change and you bite the style
that’s why people don’t like you now!


[verse 4 x4: after every line “rock, rock on, rock on”]
to all my liars
to all my bitters
you could get inspired
but don’t bite us

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