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lirik lagu dizraeli - wild animus


(backwards speech)
meditate in cigarette b~tts
meditate in sound of engines
meditate in spite of winter
meditate like life’s depending
meditate sp~ce, among cigarette b~tts
cathedral in a small box room
in a dandelion dying
in a flat belly man with a lost screw
one lost screw, seventeen lost marbles
meditate in asylum white
hot day to the violent night
we are walking dynamite
meditate in love and splendour
in the glamour of a god gift day
i wear air like feather boa and red leather
in a park where i ostentate
found, not lost in sp~ce
growing around me like halo
like zeppelin go moonwards
not lost, what? ’cause a telly say so?
nah, i arrive, then i arrive again
then arrive again, then i arrive again
live a life like diving for diamonds, constant
my guide is the light within
wild animus
wild animus
wild animus
dance with the cannibal apes
white lines in the back of the jeep
we’re still falling
fiends for the slap of the bass
line sp~ced from the lack of the sleep until morning
none of the kids i’m with want this
vacuous enema nightmare you’re peddling
so we swallow the drugs by the hundreds
you say money is love, where’s the evidence?
f~ck in the dust, the mud paints us
running amuck, the mode monstrous
each one of us perfect strangers
strobe light the cave of the unconscious
tripping on the light, what’s it feel like?
feels like we’re the sons of caliban
we’re really on the side of real life
i come alive as an upwards avalanche
yes, i’m a f~cking battyman
munted, i’m a man alive
disgusted and then tantalized
come flit to the candlelight
wild animus
wild animus
wild animus
one pull up, two pull ups
and the drums go dum~du~dum~duddup
i be the thunder god, the young buddha
seen what you’re under love, i want gooder
i want better for you, i brung love in
work for the sense of peace that comes sudden
rest for the day~to~day~to~day struggling
look when he shut his eyes, the light struck him
work, we have done that work
my days we have done that running
i try not to become that work, my lover
leave time for the fun and f~cking
meditate, meditate, my ninja
meditate and the day comes smoother
and the day comes cleaner, clearer
day comes draped in a warrior sutra
wild animus

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