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lirik lagu divine council – db$b pt. 2


[verse 1:$ilkmoney]
emotions that don’t mix like the north sea and the baltic
lost in a girls soul who’s sweeter than chocolate
if she was on the run she could hide in my apartment
broke n-gg- tryna get pockets the size of cartmen
weed so alarmin’, she so charmin’ biker club shawty like my b-tch from charmin’
darnit, i smoked my work again now i can’t afford the garments
to get my clothing line started
f-ck it
applications i never seem to have luck with
gotta better chance of being with ku klan clucking
square dancin’ and shucky duckin’ while thelma and louis suckin for close to nothin’ like barely a couple of duckits or somthin
[verse 2: lord linco]
pockets full of rocks now i know that they are crystals
embrace them to the face no love for early dismissal
struggles taught a n-gg-
i’m aware of my lessons
i breath in exhale new leaves dun crept in
and turnt ova livin in a land that was burned ova
coal stoves that my grandmama cookin in
outside lookin in perspective real suggestive
i write my own message cause the fishes started hookin in
got love for the universe i promise i’m meant to lead the way
rude bwoy is a comp-ss
coolin wit a goddess rude gyal yeah modest
man im finna be laid up, cheesin in a cottage
still i stand astonished conversations with my conscious
my mind is my brother for the weak that is in common
baby tie your bonnet
it’s colder than the congress
on my momma i’ll keep you warmer than drunk vomit in august
[verse 3: $ilkmoney]
fat n-gg- that pack triggas but lack figures
hittin’ licks with my n-gg-s to gain stacks quicka
drink max liquors but only 40’s doe
ran out of rellos and hit the sto and grabbed 40 mo’s
and roll like 40 o’s, like 44’s like threw the code
like my flow that i bestow make it float like a crow
that make ya blow through ya skull like a shotty ho
and hit ya snotty o’s and turn ya body into potty bro
dirtybagshawtyboys do better and stop b-tchin
you n-gg-s not hittin so dissin
start listenin to n-gg-s who flow so vivid you feel it in ya feet
i know you feelin me