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lirik lagu dispatch – valentine



it’s a fadin’ blue
into the black
the news is goin’ down
into the dirt
crushin’ the white stones
the sun expires
the wind is zipped up
hide the fire
in a tin cup
freeze the river
cross out the clouds

i bet it was a b-mpy ride
i bet it was slip and a slide
you were upside down
rollin’ around lost in time
ah valentine

so lets seal up the leaks
is it really goin’ down?
broken flame bones to blame
ropes in flames kisses from the parade
tying ribbons of rain
paradise, sacrifice, lemon lips
a pyramid of apples


c’mon c’mon lets go
we got the car packed up
c’mon c’mon lets go
keep my mind steady

footprints of forever
suitcase in the hole
holdin’ my hands
watchin’ tears fall
she’s watchin’ them fall
promise of another
it’s better to look right now
scared of what we’ll see
will he have the same face as me?


lost in time, lost in time, lost in time
ah valentine