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lirik lagu disciple – battle lines


“battle lines”

[verse 1]
just a taste and your eyes will be opened
gonna see everything like a god tonight [genesis 3:5]
you keep saying this over and over
we’re no longer slaves that you victimize [john 8:34-36]

we came here to fight [1 timothy 6:12]

we won’t just lay our weapons down [ephesians 6:17]
to your demands
we won’t be swayed so easily
thrown by your wind [james 1:6]
these battle lines were drawn since the beginning [genesis 3:15 / revelation 12:9]
nothing left to decide
there’s nothing left to decide [deuteronomy 30:19-20 / joshua 24:15]

[verse 2]
even if his hand doesn’t save us
we will never bow our face tonight [daniel 3:17-18]
since the second adam has rescued
we’ll be looking to raise up when we die [1 corinthians 15:42-52]