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lirik lagu dirty – dirty niggaz


we some dirty n-gg-z born to die
however, whenever you feel that you ready to kill
bring it on m-th-f-cka if you ready to fire
and watch that pride get yo whole squad crucified
na nah na nah

now i was baptized in the blood of the devil himself
thats why the reason for my life is always followed by death
take hold yo breath and bust
till you see no legs standing up
showin no luv, dirty commited the world bloodiest m-ssacre
on yo whole crew
mafia style n-gg-, slicing yo esaphagus
dumpin yo -ss in the alabama river (and i mean that)
you hear me, youll be 20 feet deep in yo caprice
wit plenty seat back (you feel me)
i’m considered armed and dangerous, its dem dirty boys
aka montgemery stranglers, keepin up that fuss
with that stuff from dr. finger (kill them b-tches that snitch)
and that goes out to all my drug slingaz
throw yo guns up.. and before you bring em down let 6 rounds bust
blah blow blah blow
i’m the fear in yo imagination however l-st and greed rolls everyday
in this whole entire nation!!

i never deny a killin so if you got that feelin
you know where i be, just grab yo heat
and we can let bullets just skeet, now feel me
f-ck yo pride cuz its time to ride and if i die tell my folks
that i went out live
but n-gg- get real cuz i buck to kill
and i couldnt have it no other way
feel you wit hollow point slugs, youll be wet up
from yo chest to yo face n-gg-
what about yo b-tch clique? who they killin huh
who they burnin the sh-t seem lame to me
cuz them hoes saw me and dem b-tches start runnin
but i’m buckin low n-gg-, and i’m bucking high n-gg-
lite up the whole d-mn sky like the fourth of july
wit my pistol fire
because we brang the noise now we can play wit some thangs
but i bet you they wont be toys
b-tch youll get destroyed boi boi
now yous a goner take it how you wanna
i’m gone off bohemian crunk yessa
them dirty boys love to rumble cuz we always rule
i’m in the industry and we fin to act a f-ckin fool yessa!!