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lirik lagu die happy – violent dreams


sun is getting down
shadows get bigger
mean noises around
the air tastes bitter

pictures start to move
they make bad faces
bats are flying ’round
in fast races

the moon is greeting me
but i can’t see it
the bad spell is here
and i sure can feel it

creatures ’round my bed
i can hear them mumble
their eyes shine red
and they stumble

i don’t wanna die

scare me every night
against you i will fight
’till the sun will rise
i’m living this h-ll
violent dreams

and when it’s light
the demons taking flight
out of mind and sight
i’m rid of this spell
violent dreams

sun is rising up
shadows get thinner
after last night
i am the winner

this night isn’t better
i don’t wanna stay here
why should it matter
my visions are queer

cold sweat on my skin
my heart is beating
might have been a sin
’cause my hands are bleeding

it’s been already years
since it first happened
all i have are tears
and no weapon

i don’t wanna die

scare me every night…

go away bad ghost
you don’t make me feel any fear
i do not give a d-mn ’bout you
what did i do to you?

scare me every night…

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