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lirik lagu devin the dude – still comin’


“still comin'”

take a seat, that n-gg- d is at your service
i never get nervous unless i’m wondering where the herb is
i don’t sell but i purchase, i try to find the finest
nowadays the weed will have you way behind the minus
i’m not really highly payed but they say i’m best braided
still wreck the show even though i get faded
have i made it? naw, but the game is not final
devin still comin wit his thang up in ya spinal
i know n-gg-s gon talk and the b-tches gon gossip
but i keep rockin til a n-gg- make a profit
they can’t stop it with the rumors cuz the dude make alb-ms
if you don’t cut the cheque suck a d-ck you can’t have’em
you gotta get yours, they gon get theirs
get some money in your hands just in case the plan fails
cuz once you in you in, you can’t bail, you know what
gotta get what you can get and make it swell and blow up
like that

i write a verse, do a song, sing a ringtone
anything to keep you on my dingaling bone
d is in the house and i don’t think that he is leaving
cuz he’s over in the corner marijuana swissa sweetin
and he’s feeding hoes d-ck, like he does everyday
the peach fuzz on his nuts now long in the gray
say what you wanna say you’re only old as you feel
b-boy took my soul and i can still win deal
and i can still send chills thru yo body
i take it out then wipe it off and i’m audi
then i’m back again, the motor hot still hummin
20 years and runnin yeah the n-gg- still comin
like that

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