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lirik lagu deviates – time is the distance


it seems like i’ve been here one thousand times before
one thousand times everyday and i still beg for more
not far from here i’ll find myself
but time is the distance from that feeling

i can’t take it these beatings i give to myself
have got to stop but i need your help
my better half is the half that i hide
and i’m trying hard not to let this go

your words are healing but they’re burning me up inside
i’d love to taste, i’d love to feel and share that life
here i am, i think i’ve said too much again
you’re too real and i can’t take it

have we gone too far or maybe not far enough?
so many walls in our way and it’s not a surprise to m that this
right in front of me i see the rest of me, i see the rest of my life
and so again i beg for that beating

and when received i won’t release, it’s so healing
caged inside i hide myself from all life
i’ve cried one thousand times i don’t want to be alone again
i want to know myself; i want to be your friend

i think i’d die without that feeling once again
i know i’d die without that feeling once again
i’d die without that feeling once again
i’d quit this all to have that feeling never end

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