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lirik lagu deviates – land of opportunities


i hear the word opportunity so many times i’m not sure what it means to me
all importance lost in a definition that’s been spread to the m-sses by the age of integrity
i hear the talk about stability, i start to realize this ain’t the land of opportunity
i heard a story today about a man who had millions but no stories to tell
climbed on top of his mountain of money & found he was all alone
to live a life in the name of money was the opportunity he should have blown
no sh-t i realize, i’m not the only one
this happens everyday, you know it happens to everyone
i get real p-ssed off, & i throw my hands in the air
but i got my friends with me, so i don’t care
don’t tell me what i want, don’t tell me what i need
don’t tell me what i have or what to be taking, i’ll tell you what i want
don’t worry about me, i’ve got my opportunity