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lirik lagu deviated presence – return


a pleasant warm dusk,
when i returned from a time of fulfillment,
not like the others, just empty, like awoken from a dream.
ripped away in agony, from a place far away.

‘lone again i am,
doomed in the lands of grief,
retreating into all the memories
gained on the journey to my destination
which i surely can’t attain.

hide the pain!
suffocate it with your emptiness.
destroy my life
make me go somewhere else!
this is just the wrong way!

exhausted still and tired,
fitting into my unwanted sp-ce.
can my path end here?

the forest of the morning parts before my eyes,
offering view to the fields in the dew,
fog still floating through the valleys.
never will be able to walk the fields again,

choice was made long time ago, maybe never existed.
return to the deeper wood accepting the death,
after life in darkness
protected beneath the trees.

no one else than the spirit with me,
no one to recover, no one to hurt
my lost soul.