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lirik lagu deteriorot – eternal darkness


the lamb and the goat must come together with pure love descended from the pinnacle of heaven.
united with our pure hatred of christ.
l-st for the nun, eat her and rape her.
lost in a world of manifestations.
killing the priests with no reservations.
beliefs in nonsense and made up fictions
these commandments you follow in eternal darkness

when you see the light, the souls entwined
disease is the feast
salvation for our blasphemous souls

drinking the blood of the virgin as she lies
the holy one slaughtered in satan’s d-mned name
screams of the angels, the virgin she dies.
then f-ck her and eat her and leave her to shame.
sins of the christian man sentenced to die.
hating the truthless words, our minds enslaved.
in this modern world, we still deny
the obvious truths for fear of an end.

sacrificed – the church and revelation
slaughtered – the priests decapitation
terror – there is no signs of heaven
faith – pray your worthless prayers