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lirik lagu destruction of a king – get’n down n’ dirty


let me introduce
myself to you


i treat her like royalty since the night we met
getlemen aspects and all i showed her real true f-cking

true f-cking respect

i’ll never let her go
she’s all i need
and i say yes indeed
and we hit the f-cking bed
and we take off all our clothes
she’s biting on my neck
scratching on my back
and i’m getting more attached

oh yeah baby, just like that
how do you want it?
rough and from the back
don’t you stop now
speed it up and turn around

this level of intimacy
has got me going crazy
i can’t explain this loving game
she makes me feel so good

especially when i came
don’t you stop now baby

it’s not over yet
it’s not over yet
and i said it’s not over yet

round 2

she screams for more
tugging on my body
now ending up on the f-cking floor