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lirik lagu destroying divinity – defleshed skeleton


image of h~ll
lunatic’s dream
outlines of monstrosity
death is the architect
born of blood streaming wounds
absorbed by voracious soil

city on the river
clash of ideologies
disdain human life
encounter of the blackest nightmares
destruction raining
from the dark cruel skies
l!cked by purple flames
massgrave transm~tation

theater of horrors
full of tragic parts
bloodstained curtain
dark future sp~wning the dreadful

struggle for life
eyes witnessing atrocities
that will never be forgotten
slashes of death carved in hearts
frozen soil covered in the fallen
lunatic’s dream brought to life
the wings of the human beast spreading
bodies torn apart
humanity resting in it’s grave
in the depths of darkness
in the kingdom of sewers
man against man
morphing into warmachines
omnipresent death

steadfast frost and freezing wind
snow covering bloodstained ground
diseases and parasites rising
the noose tightening
the hunter becoming the hunted
swarming crows feasting
fire incinerating spreading wings
body devoured by hunger
moral decay commenced
the beast

defleshed skeleton
the city leveled to dust
lunatics dream
image of h~ll
dying in ruins

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