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lirik lagu desecration – spiritual disequilibrium


open the wisdom book
it will show you a world of ilusion
a world full of happiness and love
walk though this paradise
and you will see visions of beautiful places
honest and sincere places
places where the misery doesn’t exist
hidden lies in strange trues !!!
open your tires eyes
and you see the faulty reality
full of remorse and hate
the laws of ignorance
reigning on everything
the armed place in contrast with the fear and

spiritual disequilibrium…
dead in its reality
alive in its torment
spiritual disequilibrium !!! (2x)

live in the chaos
seeing everything getting worse everyday
death seems to be the only solution
spiritual disequilibrium…
lies blocking minds
propagandas seducing you
the violent despair of owning peoples
worsen things around
misery, crimes, problems
you feel like being squeezed in the m-ss
really, there’s do place for you in this world
patience or pacifism ?
a dificult question to answer
the lovely company of miseryis always with you
utopia executing your destiny
stop to think, and get crazy
spiritual disequilibrium…