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lirik lagu dellbee – never lie


i woke up feeling weak
i know i need some jiggy
my ex calling ain’t picking
i don’t f~ck with every girl
i swear down am so picky
n~gga surely getting richer
you can’t trust everybody
how they switch up gon; be funny

ain’t gat time
i dramatize
i use my ice
ain’t f~ck with a tie oh yh
we the best uh father of ashad
she put her hand on me uh and i feel so shy
baby roll me like a dice uh
tell me your price
i know you ain’t gat no price
but you gotta have a price
trust issues bread, everyday mehn i take a slice oh

ain’t trust b~tches
but amma share you all my richеs
never lie to mе am so wicked
you gotta stay mature don’t act like children
see bae i know you hustle for your life
and i hustle for my life
ain’t judge anybody
i know you gon’ tell me lies
and i know it when you capping
cause i’ve been in the game for a long time
angles on my head like avatar

yh am taking over
before i could walk with a benz
uh yh am using uber
stay focus no cap uh
stay focus no cap uhn
stay focus no cap
stay focus
stay focus
stay to stay focus no cap yah

ain’t trust b~tches
but amma share you all my riches
never lie to me am so wicked
you gotta stay mature don’t act like children

yh am not your friend
uh am not your buddy
ain’t playing no games
uh yh call me bully
my head burnt and i need some cash to cooool it
amma hooded oracle oshaaa bankuuuuli
anything i promise am definitely gonna do it
yh cause money on my mind
made me sing like ella mai
some days gon’ be ugly
and some days gon’ be fine
made some mistake in the past
and i turn them to my lessons
yh i turn them to my blessings uh
accept all my winnings and my losses
stack the money up
stop acting bossy
i know who am bigger than
and my bosses
so don’t talk to me like that
few more screw in my head
and i don’t wanna loose that

i gat big dreams
am boogie
fast cars with b~tches
on doggie she love me
when i do it cruising with no stress now

hehehehaha with no stress no oh o o
yah delly kk no cap