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lirik lagu deesha – falling in love


i see you lookin at me
you look kinda shy
though your not usually
my kind of guy
i got this funny little
feeling in side
that your supposed to be
the one in my life!!

and even though you never
caught my eye
there’s somethin bout u
i just, just cant describe
somethin thats really got me completely hypnotized
you’ve got me feeling kinda crazy
so i know that i…….

falling in love
never gonna feel this way
falling in love
never gonna be the same
falling in love
never be alone again
falling in love
its true, i’m falling in love
i feel like
falling in love…completely
i must be fallling…..

it doesnt matter what i say
or how hard i try
there’s somethin bout you that got me
so i cant deny
i’m feelin kinda hazy
weak deep inside
never imagined anything could feel this right
and everytime i look in your eyes
i get so helplessly lost
feeling so high
you got me thinkin bout forever and i
so unbelievably
beside myself i know that i…..


something so beautiful is happening
i cant believe
its all so magical
i can’t imagine anything


i must be fallling…….in love
……… love
……in love