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lirik lagu ​death’s dynamic shroud – autumn hill


we pour your alms to the bleeding room
to your bleeding room
even in darkness
even in providence

and it’s a long way down to the end of the road
it’s a long way down the recovery rope
and i’d have pursued the thrill
eternally blue until
autumn hill

and you realize that there’s something there
that there’s something there
in the exchange we share
tucked in your auburn hair

and it’s a long way up and i’d only be burned
it’s a long way up and i could never return

and you’d disagree with my pеrmanent black
and i would concede to your countеrattack
and you wouldn’t talk if i wanted it so
you wouldn’t ask what you needed to know
here for no reason lies everything
under the ash and my seasons of memory
oh and i’ll waste it to be perfect all of the time
but you’ve broken
every single
rule that’s in my head
where things are better left unsaid

i would’ve seen it through
oh i would’ve changed for you
i would’ve emptied out
every last aching doubt
i would endure at will
just go to your windowsill
autumn hill

but you will not recognize
you will not jeopardize
you would not brook my lies
‘cause honey you’re much too bright
but i will have loved you still
and i always will
autumn hill

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