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lirik lagu dayymein – caster


[verse 1]
it’s the middle of summer
why lil bro got a big ass coat?
2 knocks, one fit in his pocket, other might rock a n~gga like a boat
(uh~huh) deuce 5 or the 3~0
pockety rocket, send him to the ropes
o~oh, angels gon’ pick up his soul
take one of mines, and ima let it go
bro tried to push up, like this sh~t a war
quick draw got me moving more than faster
wait, they think this sh~t a dream
like, stick flame shots like a caster
in they jecs, ima bend in between
know ima demon, tryna bring disaster
twin chops, tryna knock out the team
l~like, tryna send n~ggas to saturn
can’t bluff with the grip, if i’m dying to livе
if we flocking, it is what it is
you my brother, then both of us dying for this
likе, f~ck it, one day we gon’ win
like, oh, bullets gon’ fly at his sh~t
n~gga thought it was a fl!ck
l~like, bro confusion inside of the whip
which g ima use to spin?
like bro, i’m boutta pop his bottle
and watch my n~ggas follow
call him jack, how n~ggas ducking hollows
beat him till n~ggas throwing in the towel, woah
bro, i’m boutta do a fowl
lil bro got em, tryna make me proud
4~1 booming through the town
big g so loud, do you hear the ~ ?
know this metal on me, hit my belt when i walk
like, bro is you hearing that sound?

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