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lirik lagu david prorok – love a hater


ayo, i’m coming off rapping on the discord channel for 3 hours straight. and i’m still not gonna stop. i cannot stop coming off the top. who do you know that comes off the top this much? n0body, except for me

man, i’m just sitting in my home
coming off the dome
all i really know is i’m gonna go home after this
i don’t even cancel sh~t
just a magic bus, i’m on a school bus
i am the shizzle
i’m hanging with miss frizzle
everybody know that i am the shizzle
when i go and spit some hot sh~t
you know that thing sizzle
like i’m making bacon
what are you, faking?
i just keep on baking cakes and they ate ’em
every single day, like straight bacon
we just get all greasy
make it look easy, this is not easy

you don’t know where you go (what?)
you don’t know where you go
where do you belong? man, tell me

i belong exactly where the f~~~ that i’m at
everybody knows that i can rap
everybody knows i spit facts
everybody knows it’s like that, it’s like this
and i don’t even have to spit a diss, all i know is that they hate on me
i don’t even have to love a hater
either way i’ll still get paper