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lirik lagu dave days – no one


no one

we’re 8 years apart.
don’t play with my heart.
it won’t work out.
we’re 8 years apart.
i should have known from the start.
it won’t work out.

i won’t let them arrest you.
i’ll always protect you.
the older guys don’t treat you right.
you’re searching for someone but you have found no one.
i could be there tonight.

she said, are you really 18? i need to see some i’d on that one.
oh look at all this scruff.
this fluffity scruffy scruff.
i’m 18… almost 19!

you’re leading me on.
gurl, you’re leading me on.
and i’m not that strong.

she said, once you hit 18 we can go mating…
that’s too long! that’s too long!
oh i could take you to prom.
just let me ask my mom she could drive us.
i guess we’ll go our own ways until i come of age.