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lirik lagu darkest era – visions of the dawn


i walk among these ruins, these ruins of an age
when ancient dreams of splendour came alive
and our hearts thundered like the sound of a thousand
men…bound for war

as night unfolds i’m haunted by a sleepless dream
until the flames of the dawn break the sky
once more i long
for visions of the dawn

footsteps of the fallen echo round me where i stand
we are bound in sorrow and in grief
eternal twilight, under light of an evening star
we forerver chase the fading star

troubled are the dreams of those whose days are these
when darkness grips us all within its mire
and though our hearts may long to return
in memories of the past we cannot dwell

wandering ever onward, like those who went before
i’ve tasted all that bitterness has to offer
but though our hearts may lie in ruin
strength and iron will shall see us through

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