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lirik lagu dannys tmu – binaminute freestyle


look, look
better than rappers on insta and tiktok
i’m at the tip~top
weed out the zip~loc
if you pop pills, i’ma tell you to kick rocks
otherwise b~tch stop, uh
uncle sam begging for bands, uh
lieutenant danny, b~tch ~ follow demands
trynna compete, not a chance
bank account gonna shock you at a glance
i’m back to rapping
honest that i really stack
like back to back
that’s loaf to loaf and pack to pack
b~tch, check your stats
yours’ static while mine grow in fact, look
it ain’t a myth, that i’m legit
accountants quit, thinking that my money counterfeit
i love that sh~t, i must admit
i won’t forfeit not even half of my profits, d~mn
i ain’t been broke in a minute
been a couple years since i whipped out that civic
all red, lookin’ like no crips in it
got a two~door, mean i got one girl sinning
just kidding, mean sitting
and she got a fat ass, just great, how fitting?
i’m switching up the flow, like i got a lever in it
i’m still in this game, just a couple levels in it
but i stay k!lling ~ high score, no lives missing
drinking’ out the bottle only top~notch, uh
top~shelf, since i played hop~scotch, uh
since the begining of my stop~watch, ugh
yeah, wanna blow up? wait a second, uh
it’s already been a minute, uh
i don’t care if they don’t listen, uh
danny never gon’ be quitting, uh
tell ’em haters good riddance, haha, ay