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lirik lagu dan bull – commander zavala vs. cayde-6


look around you
the galaxy’s greatest guardians gathered
though times are dark
it is the light inside your heart that matters
you are the final line, mankind relies on for redemption

woah, tough crowd
okay, let me break the tension
you’re a rebel of reprobate
but there’s no one else left that’s capable of taking on
the great threat we face, and then staying to mop up
the mess they’ve made

yes, they layed siege to our motherland
our precious home, i saw it all
and fought amongst the falling rubble
deflecting endless blows

they kept on coming, so my gun kept humming
you should’ve come and seen it, it was really quite something
i looked so great, so good
in a tide, in a cape, in a hood, it was rather inspiring
i side eyed a few girls admiring
why you suprised? i’m so fine, it’s tiring
anyways, i’m getting sidetracked
let me go and get a pint
pinky promise i’ll be right back

despite the sacrifice of our finest guardians
we could not stop the scarlet army rising
from the ashes of the darkness
the tower fell, the city rushed, our homes are crushed to dust

plus, my stuff, now i was salty before
but now i’ve had just enough
i mean, who does this stuff?
it’s unproductive, plus, my stuff!
so we’re gonna look for the chump responsible and fffluff him up!

and so today we know the name of the heinous foe we face
they call him

no, gary
it’s gary, isn’t it?

they call him ghaul
his only goal to cause a fall of all we’ve fought for
and war ’till there’s nothing at all
when the cabal is at the door, you look for my support
but this time i call on yours

you’re probably gonna end up pretty sore
these armor plates, they kinda chafe
’till your thighs are aching, rubbed really raw
sh! all this tech and we still haven’t developed
any military drawers that’ll win us any wars
i’ve been wearing these ones for months!

the time is now at hand
to avenge the injustice thrust upon us
in our final stand

i’m a nice guy, so i shan’t tell a white lie
look, you might die
but then again, you might survive
so like every guide of advice, see the brighter side of life

i ask you: who’ll rise and keep aside my side and fight?

no hide and seek, dab on the haters
everyday bro, ride or die!

this is the law of the jungle
as old and as true as the sky
the wolf that shall keep it may prosper
but the wolf that shall break it must die
as the creeper that girdles the tree trunk
the law runneth forward and back
for the strength of the pack is the wolf
and the strength of the wolf is the-

hold on
sorry, sorry, sorry
tripped over the… speaker jack
(cough, cough)