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lirik lagu daily planet – six string rocketeer


six string rocketeer

caught in the crossfire while the battle raged down the hall
there were no bad guys, just a couple of consenting adults
i just had to get away, but i had no car to drive
so my body stayed inside my room
as i slipped into my mind

i’m going out where no one can find me
beyond this thickened air, where my spirit is free
i’m blasting off with a strum of my six string
six string rocketeer
well, my getaway car is this beat up guitar
and i’m off to that place
where i find my escape

life as it happens is rarely the way that you planned
roll with the punches or you’ll end up a mad, little man
a broken home was not the place they intended this to end
but the wounds were deep inside my soul
let the healing begin


i step on board as commander in chief
with sgt. pepper in military motif
we walk this ship and i nod with a grin
at my friends gordon sumner and mudslide slim
“take me to the pilot,” i demand
and they lead me to the rocket man
“who’s navigating?” i inquire
as julio swoops down by the schoolyard
there my soul was as light as a feather
as the piano man had us all singing together


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