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lirik lagu d-dawg(rsa) – side quest



pardon my mind
but it tends to get lost sometimes
it starts wondering in different parts of time
these ideas, thoughts
and rhymes come from a gold mine
ay yo rob, you might have a goldmine
your aura electrifying
the horror is petrifying
you stepped in mind and then witnessed the redesign
lions map like a maze
and you blissful read the sign
in other words it’s a cage
you n~ggas technically feel in line
i mean what the aim
tiscali and get your rise (ah)
spit on your flame, get reduced to the next decline
where rappers might get catagorized
for execution, now list your top five
i’ll x men out like a mutant, i just
ride around hooping, three shot shootin
you might get fade off with all this p that i’m pushing
i foresee we start looking
make your nightmares lucid
let’s roll backwards on the industry like valdemir putin
y’all don’t compare to me
better thread carefully
i light a stogie and freestyle on friday
and scare to me it’s dead to me
i’m the rebelly
by the way your mans moving
he carry a pack like a red movie
who wanna rap with i
bar for bar, take him to the school of art
class 3000 is in start
his punk ass lyrics has no bars
the man in him? got no heart
he got slapped and called the cops
then the dawg hit the road like he caught a murder charge
storytelling would be fun
if i had rights protecting son
but i am not sixty~nine
and we are far from new yorks times
jozi everywhere you are
bars are digging graveyards
saved a bed for everyone
i push the t to drake son
subliminals won’t hate one
face me like a man son
and tell me where you came from
cottonfest died with what’s his name rov
they got the game f~cked up
got love for dead ones
more honoured than their graves brothers
if they never lived once
i’m sipping one at midnight
black flag the team right
we outlaw supreme like
alpo and regg guy, gunshots and robberies
outlaws we’re outta here

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