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lirik lagu d.a. the future – dough nutz


dough nuts
i know some folks gone nuts for the dough/
poverty stricken tryna get it while the plot thickens/
how it usually go is some would fall in love w/ the dough/
while others never had it to blow/ so is i better to have loved & lost or never loved at all/

who could possibly know, planted the seed i’ll let you water it tho/

further mo, we all got roles to play tryna chase this cheese/
through the maze like a rat that’s why they call it the trap/

we the governments experiments walkin in the deli/
bouta bite the new placebo brought to you by little debbie/

on my celly steady sellin till they put with a celly/
know i’m lost but i just pray the lord trail me/

word is bond/ if it’s on then it’s on over a dolla/
or somebody baby momma, & it’s proli petty change or petty gossip never commas/
all the drama over nada now da kids with da state/
am i rambling or can you relate/

i know a chick who kept straight as all the way until the 10th grade/
got a taste for that paper changed/
high school drop out/
ain’t even ye off the strength to ye it’s a shame/
they say a mind is a terrible thing to waste/

but for the dough we go nuts/
i’m out for dead presis to represent me/
so what, if all my idols praise idols engraved in god we trust/
& i followed is it love or just l-st/
i just followed fell in love w/ da l-st/

i’m feelin hollow

i’m feelin hollow

i’m feelin hollow

i’m feelin hollow

i’m feelin hollow

as i take another swallow, starin at the bottom of the bottle/
tryna fill my empty w/ the world against me/
if i had a nickel for every nickel i dropped in the well/
is still be poor cuz i’da proli spent it/

i swear i’m nuts sometimes i just donno who to trust/
it must be the dough cuz you know
when you got nun to lose & not a f-ck
to give/
you end up hollow call that dough nuts/