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lirik lagu cypress hill – i unlimited


“i unlimited”

came back to life, for your protection
back from the dead of resurrection
we came to change the whole completion
take this game a new direction

last stop when the gas popped
when the kush blows free
and the low-lows drop
to photo-opt
no flash
we smash
get cash
cash out the f-ckin’ spot

it’s a new day to bill
expect the hill
we grab the bill
the trip is real
don’t make pull out the steal link
cause all the commotion
and emotions kill

heat-seekers, if the come seekers
serve your -sses through the big speakers
anyone, anywhere, we on jack
blowing up another spot with the contract

bounce bounce bounce bounce
kill em up
tear em up
put him down
jump jump jump jump
if he acts tough
shut him up
put him down
bounce bounce bounce bounce
getting high
let him ride
put him down
jump jump jump jump
if you don’t give a f-ck
blow him up
put him down

the fear factor
the peri-actor
adrenalin maxed in bringing the raptor
we cap it and coming at ya
studio gangsters applying the actra

still print that real sh-t
i’m the dog in the cup
and real hard to deal with
how long have we heard you down
and broke down doors with the grimey sound

no surrender, we push and enter
take over the scene and blaze the green
put a chill through ya body
when you saw my teeth
find yourself in the middle
where the pink convenes

don’t slip on the misfits
coz the minute you popsh-t
the mic gets twisted
anytime, anywhere we blast off
the right start as parted your -ss off


we blow smoke in the air to heal the nation
getting you high no hesitation
so hard to charge, no complication
take another hit for respiration
legalise don’t criticize
coz one day you might understand who to symbolise
any man, any woman gotta like that
first trying put a cape, gotta fight back

let strip shows, like flip mode
we make you bounce on the track
with sick flows and kick toe
don’t trip in the marsh pit
its a danger to spray just for salts on toxic
we’re phenomenal, so unstoppable
unlimited, your just comical
stay back, with slate jack (way back)
payback’s a b-tch and we know how to play that


kill em up
tear em up
put em down

if he acts tough
shut em up
put em down

getting high
let em ride
put em down

if you don’t give a f-ck
blow em up
put him down

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