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lirik lagu cyanish – underworld


doug had fun
he switches between coke and marmite
hedenn, crazy one
rolling cans of red stripe to start off

green hair – i know jana loves pete
no more than her lover loves crack

the love is too much, even though a gun is about to show up
underworld girls
sharing illusions ‘til the sun comes

they work hard for the good times
they came for a proper night out

less is too much
soft is too tough

let’s go!

it’s for a good cause
all in on memories
they caught us on our best night

the sane ones will be outside
they’re locked out, they’re cautious, they’re done
weirdos know all scars
they’re used to the comes and goes
they stay to fix their minds
our dreams drive our lives

polish dancer
maybe another soulmate on the run
heading up north
the control of my body is just gone

floating under the ground